Uganda West: CWB get into the Family Spirit

It all began today morning at Ivy’s Hotel Wakaliga Road-Kampala where we had had a stop over the previous night after a very competitive day of festive in Fort Portal where everyone seemed to be tired and along journey to Masindi via Kampala. But the journey was cut short as it was getting late to continue travelling. Arrived in Masindi this afternoon at 12:30pm after leaving Kampala at 8:30am today and checked-in at New Court View Hotel.

At exactly 2:10pm, we set off for an afternoon visit to the Family Spirit Children’s Centre and Orphanage, where we were warmly welcomed by more than 200 children, Isaac the Founder/director and the staff.

The children were filled with joy, happiness and shouts as the CWB team in the school and out of the bus. The little ones cuddled all round the volunteers of CWB.

There after, the entire team was showed around the orphanage by Isaac. The areas that were showed to the team included the Babies Home, the tailoring room where Christine (the blind lady) knits /makes sweaters for the kids from, girls and boys dormitories, kitchen and then the Main Hall where all the entertainment was exhibited.

At the hall, lots of singing, drumming and Ugandan cultural dances were showcased to the visiting cwb team and the rest of the entire school. This was the point where cameras were taken out to take photos and videos shots.

At the end of the entertainment, also the visiting team was given a chance by the children to expose their talents with the local instruments (drums) if by any chances any could play them.

As we came to the climax of the visit, we were addressed by Isaac about the existence and history of the Orphanage. Later on balloons were blown and games played by both the children and CWB team. Donations of shirts, scholastic materials, balloons and sweets were given to the children.

And there after, we got in to the bus and back to the hotel to have a recap of the day.

Thank you very much Cricket Without Boundaries.

AJ Alpha (Je Je)

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  1. Michael Reeves
    October 10, 2017

    Is there any news on the poultry house that we sent money for?
    Glad that you managed to fit in a visit to Family Spirit. A warm welcome is guaranteed especially if coach Alpha is around.

  2. Clare-Matic
    October 10, 2017

    Ahhhhhh Family Spirit ❤️

  3. SJ
    October 10, 2017

    ♥️ Alpha – such a fabulous place – such great work is done there ????

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