Uganda West: The Best Sportswoman in Uganda

Tuesday 3rd October – The Nyakasura Oval and Kichwamba Primary School

Hi everybody, this is first time volunteer Chris writing the words with some marvellous photos from various members of the team.

I’m going to dedicate this blog to all of you reading this who have supported any of the two teams currently in Uganda (and the one shortly going to Rwanda) with your donations, sponsorship, emotional support, anything and everything you have done is so appreciated by all of us and as we share stories of how we raised the money some amazing acts of generosity have been shared, so thank you. What you cannot know but no doubt hoped for is the massive difference you have made, you would be warmed to the very fabric of your being.

Tuesday Morning

An amazing start to the morning as Mark had over 60 children going through our ABC messages in rhyme substituting ‘Head’ with ‘Abstain’, ‘Shoulders’ with Be ‘Faithful’, ‘Knees’ with ‘Condom use, and ‘Ball’, (when the children grab the ball) with Testing.

Our group was over three hundred children in the morning, some with only a smattering of English so your demonstrations had to be spot on. I was doing catching practice, first in four large groups gathered in a circle and then in parallel lines doing a lot of activity followed by a test. Great opportunity to reinforce the need to regularly test.

The other two ‘stations’ were practising the bowling, batting and throwing skills, gradually building the skill levels making sure arms were straight and both hands were on the bat. An exhausting morning and the advice to have throat lozenges imparted on our training weekend was proved to be spot on.

After an excellent buffet lunch one team went to Kichwamba Primary School whilst another group stayed at The Nyakasura Oval.


We were coaching a secondary school in the afternoon and we got them together and asked them what their aspirations for life were. Now I was a secondary school Chair of Governors for seven years and have often asked this question of years 10’s. I’ve had answers like “Win X Factor” or “Marry a footballer” or just to ‘be a celebrity’. Our answers were;

“To be a doctor’
“To be a judge”
“To become a surgeon”
“I want to be a civil engineer”
“To be a pilot”

Then the last girl we asked;

“I’m going to be the best sportswoman in Uganda!”

And that for me was one of those heart in the mouth moments that even as I’m writing it now I know I will remember for ever.

So to return to my dedication in the first paragraph, thank you all especially (to be selfish as is it my blog) Redlynch and Hale CC, and Toft CC and Behrens Sport, the latter who donated bags of cricket clothing and the former where my friend is Chairman who raised money for CWB throughout last season. Gentleman and ladies I salute you all.

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