Uganda South: Day 2 in Kasese!

After a great first day Team Uganda couldn’t wait to head out again. The second day of coaching saw us head back up to Bulembia primary school. A picturesque site deep in the heart of the Ugandan hills amongst the mining town of Kilembe. In the morning we coached 3 different schools with around 150 kids. The team worked hard in the searing heat, smashing the batting, bowling and catching stations. The ABC-T messages really getting across to the children with lots of enthusiastic chants and smiles!Lee and Tanya meanwhile finished off the coaching education course from day one. They coached many games which the African teachers really got involved with. They even found the fastest reactions in Uganda in a game of Head, Shoulders, knees and moo cow, the Queen! She even got a rendition of our national anthem bringing a tear to Lee’s eye on the way to lunch. Once completed the new coaches gained their certificates and will hopefully carry on the work we are doing in the next 2 weeks for years to come.On the other end of the field a vicious dance battle was taking place between Jo, Tommy, John, and 50 Ugandan children. After 30 minutes of dancing there was only one winner which was Jo, with her hands in the air like she just don’t care.A quick stop for lunch (African quick) and a few toilet malfunctions in town we headed back up the mountain. The afternoon had two secondary schools come into town. We started off with a game of crossfire which had balls whistle through the air and into Will’s nuts causing him a searing amount of pain. Wills day didn’t get much better in a game of 5 bat cricket. The 2 teams came up with 5 ways they can protect themselves from HIV/AIDS.Then the titan game of Team Tingers vs #Team began. It started brightly for Will as what can be only be described as an absolute worldie was taken off his bowling by the young lady at midwicket, high fives all round! Unfortunately the young Ugandans quickly got the measure of him and proceeded to pummel him into the portaloos, goat pen, cows, road and the next mining town. The highlight was when a girl showed him no respect and reversed swept him for 6 into the goat pen. I don’t speak Luganda but I’m pretty sure the chants from the classroom were “don’t bowl there”. The other side of the field saw Tommy, Jo, John, Tanya deal with another 150 kids that had turned up out of nowhere. They improvised superbly whilst having to deal with the 6’s raining down on them from Will’s atrocious bowling. At one point John had a race with 150 kids which saw him narrowly miss out on a top 10 finish. As the clouds began roll in from the mountains we were done for the day. We packed up quickly and headed back to the hotel just in time before a rainstorm!

Jordan Mitchell

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  1. Carl
    October 3, 2017

    Superb start team! Following every step & immensely jealous that I’m not there with you! Awoooga!!!

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