Uganda West: two views on a (long!) journey

First time volunteer Ed Lamb and CWB legend and Kenyan Cricket coach Mathias share their views on our long journey to the Pearl of Africa!



We managed to assemble only 15 minutes late for our 7:30 meet at Heathrow T3 but whipped straight through check in as the expected packing and repacking didn’t materialise to hit our weight limits.

After buying a few last minute essentials and headphones (Bert), we left the UK.

From 39,000 feet we could still see the dessert below, and at that point Chris recounted a story about collapsing on a relatively recent flight having been dehydrated. The standard announcement to ask if there was a doctor on the plane went out – there was, and Chris soon found himself on a drip. All ended well but Chris said that he still hadn’t packed any rehydration sachets!

Having landed in Nairobi we got to the Easy Hotel having spotted several zebra just off the main road we were on (and once we’d negotiated some of the largest potholes and speed bumps ever seen), we had a quick beer with Sara and the legend that is Matthias who were waiting for us and then settled down to a massive 3 hours’ sleep!


3 ready for the 4am meet!

Only 3 made the 4am meet that morning but we were on our way before 4:30 and enjoyed a full breakfast at the airport before our flight.

A tennis ball tax was imparted by Kenyan baggage control as we went through – a present for her son.

Matthias enjoyed his first flight ever but the smile briefly left his face when he realised that he had to have the yellow fever jab in order to be let into Uganda.

All jabbed up we made it first through customs and then on to the Ugandan Cricket Board where we met the other group also in Uganda, checked out the pitch, and were welcomed by Henry Oketcho after Lee had also thanked them for their help, particularly in organising a second Ugandan trip at short notice following the Kenyan election announcements.

Having become millionaires (such is the exchange rate between the pound and the Ugandan shilling).

The drive was long and, at times, bumpy, but Sara showed she had a sense of humour by putting on Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys along with a few other classics. Along with a few bumps, we also saw some baboons, adults and babies, just by the side of the road. And we experienced some local streetside food for lunch.

We eagerly jumped out of from the van after 5 hours or so and were greeted very happily by our hosts at the hotel. At least we thought they were – it turned out we had got the wrong hotel!

When we got to the correct hotel we were meant to be in, it was worth the wait. The communal evening meal, sat round a huge table with the other guests, was incredible.

(No picture evidence! ?)

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