Uganda South: the first 3 days of awesomeness!

Hello from Kasese, Uganda!

Jhon here! I’m reporting from the hotel lobby on some slightly dodgy WIFI so excuse the brevity and aesthetics of this post. I am proud to say that this is my second trip with CWB (went to Rwanda last year) and my first trip to Uganda. We set off from Heathrow on Saturday, after a very solid training weekend in Coventry the weekend before. I knew as soon as I met the elite squad we had with us, that this was going to be a great trip. Personally I can’t remember much of the flights BUT I do know that we landed in Entebbe, spent a night there in an incredible hotel and then travelled 10 hours across Uganda, via Kampala, to Kasese! I’ve also learnt that spending 10 hours on a bus is a great way to meet new people and play a fantastic game called ‘Wave Tennis.’ It’s like tennis but with waving, you’d bloody love it. There was also a pit-stop at the Ugandan National cricket Stadium – The Lugogo Oval, where we had an impromptu game of cricket with some kids and a quick chinwag with Uganda Team West (CWB Volunteers also in the country!).
 We are blessed with a strong team of seven super-enthusiastic volunteers – Lee Booth (CWB Head of Delivery) is our project leader and he is a man from Huddersfield who tells you how it is, and that’s ideal. We also have Jo, Tanya, Tommy, Will Sniper’s Dream, Jordan, and myself. Manny is our local CWB coach and Joseph is our hard working, and lovely driver.
Day 1 in Kasese, involved a short journey up a hill to a school where we managed to teach 400 kids important HIV & AIDS messages… the kids came from schools all around and their knowledge of the messages we were talking about was fantastic… they were also awesome at cricket! Win win really. Lee and Will also coached 20 local teachers so they can continue our good work when we leave the country. I actually forgot what an absolute pleasure it is to be standing on a hill in Africa surrounded by hundreds of enthusiastic kids who all want to learn things, it really has been a strong start to the trip.
 Things I have learnt so far – our team is super good and didn’t even batter an eyelid at being thrown in at the deep end today. I actually buzzed from watching them all work and not being overawed by the situation at all. I have also learnt that 6 minutes is Tanya’s waiting threshold for going for a morning run, don’t be late or she’ll go without you, and that like Rwanda it’s not uncommon to wait two and half hours for your dinner. Not that we’re complaining when Nile Special is available (it’s 5.6% and a great way to end a hard day of coaching).
 That’s it for now – someone else will be writing their thoughts tomorrow and all I can say that is you’re ever thinking of doing something different with your life (you don’t need to be a cricket coach or even like cricket), then this is the thing for you.
Thanks for everything,
Jhon xo

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  1. Sally
    October 2, 2017

    Hello team Uganda South. Most of you don’t know me, lucky you. However, I’ve scratched the CWB itch a couple of times & was involved in the charity behind the scenes for a few years. Anyway, sounds like you have made a flying start so really well done. The pics are amazing & transport me right back to the Uganda wonderland. Lee might not have told you about sausage trees so look out for those & Manny about the value of warm Sprites. Say hi to the adorable Joseph for me. Enjoy every moment & I will be following your blog as your adventure unfolds. Go easy on the Nile Specials. Awooga ?

  2. Clare-Matic
    October 2, 2017

    Sounds amazing and takes me right back to my time in uganda ?? in March with CWB. Enjoy ?

  3. SJ
    October 2, 2017

    Good to see the good work continuing in Kasese – awesome place, awesome teachers & kids – love it there ????

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