Day 1: Raid On Entebbe.

Day 1: Raid On Entebbe.

Raid On Entebbe was an iconic film about a notorious incident in the 70’s. Our raid was altogether different. A smooth uneventful flight was made more comfortable by virtue of not being full – space to stretch out, move around and watch an eclectic mix of films. (Having been a regular transatlantic flier I was pleased at last to see Moving Map – the sequel) Those with window seats got great views of the Alps which brings us neatly to the generous £500 donation to CWB by the Zurich Cricket Club from their annual awards evening, secured by Steve Wells through Prakach Patel who, coincidentally, was born in Jinja where we head to tomorrow. Many thanks to Zurich CC from the whole Uganda team and all at CWB.

Entebbe airport has progressed from the one hut I remember from the film and our transition through it was smooth and welcoming. We were particularly impressed with the Ebola prevention measures – including taking our temperatures. (With Reece still struggling with his leg injury I have decided not to make the “kneebola” joke here).

The warm dark air outside as we made our way to the hotel minibus was thick with flying insects. I thought these were mozzies and quickly dispensed the jungle juice spray to all. I was then told that these were In fact flies from Lake Victoria. So I passed the spray around again. Just as we realised that the hotel bus would never be able to take all of us, plus our cases and all the kit, the lights went out. Unfortunately none of us had a Ugandan shilling to put in the meter.

In the dark Sally used her best bartering skills to get an extra taxi and our Escape From Entebbe was a knee-jolting (Reece) and back-pulling (me) roller-coaster journey to the hotel. It being 1.00am the bar was well and truly closed so we retired too bed.

First impressions of Uganda? Warm – both in temperature and in the welcoming friendly smiles of everyone we meet who all want to help and ensure we are happy.

PS: Phil Silvester would like to say Happy Birthday to Rob on his big five-o.

Peter Yates

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  1. Glad you’ve arrived safely! Great opening blog! If Joseph is your driver for the rest of the trip please send our love and best wishes. Keep an eye on the Wariji and Smirnoff Ice with JB around! Team Savory xx

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