I'm struggling to decide what is slower. The Ugandan internet or Virender Sehwag running between the wickets – or perhaps more appropriately, our journey here to Uganda.

Yes, we have arrived. All eight of us, all just about in one piece and all very, very tired. We realised the outrageous duration of our journey when we found ourselves checking the South Africa-Pakistan Day Four Test score whilst waiting for our driver at Entebbe airport, having what seemed like an eternity ago at Heathrow, checked the Day Three score. We've had a rough guess that door-to-door, our journey took us about 24 hours, which considering a direct flight is just 10 hours, is a rather painful thought.

London to Istanbul to Kigali to Entebbe was our chosen route, and whilst sitting for close to two hours on Kigali airport tarmac wasn't exactly the most exciting way to spend an evening one silver lining is that we've all decided we can now tick Rwanda off as a 'place we've visited in our life'.

There's not a great deal I can tell you about the flight(s!)…Turkish airlines is less efficient than a BMW X5, but offers more films than your standard Blockbuster store, Nick was nearly crushed by a trolley of drinks, and the novelty of staring at the back of an aeroplane seat quickly wears off…

For weeks we've been told by ex-volunteers that in Africa,  people work on 'African time' not normal time, and we were made brutally aware of this lackadaisical approach as our eight pair of eyes skirted the 20 or so Taxi-driver placards at 6am at Entebbe airport, hoping one said 'Cricket Without Boundaries' but we were to be disappointed. Almost three and a half hours, much grumbling and our first African sunrise later, our driver did belatedly arrive. 'Welcome to Africa' we joked…

In the afternoon/late evening we travelled to the Uganda National Cricket Stadium. Lugogo. A blog post focussing on this extraordinary visit will be posted tomorrow.

Freddie Wilde