Today was tutor training day at Fort Portal. We started in the Headmaster’s study at Nyakasura and presented the school with some donated hard ball kit as they have an artificial mat to play on.

At 10am we had three teachers and eventually began at 10.30 with 12 teachers.

Just prior to starting Darren decided to impress everyone with his motorcycle driving skills, borrowing a machine from one of the teachers. Little did we know he is an absolute beginner. Not getting out of first gear he successfully circumnavigated part of the field and then headed directly for the non-existent gap in the hedge. Twisting the throttle lever open he put on his best speedway cornering skills to the test. Stalling the machine he came to a halt handing the bike back to a relieved owner.

The rest of the team all joined in with the teachers for the usual close catching exercises and it soon became apparent that these teachers were capable of advancing their skills a lot quicker then the other centres. We soon had them coaching each other in catching, fielding and bowling before lunch. Once we’ve got them smiling they were a delight to work with. Thanks to all the volunteers for their contribution to the coach education. Watch out the Bees, lots of great ideas coming back to a cricket clubs in the Vale of Belvoir his summer.

Lunch saw us trying to discover a local waterfall for our usual lunch of stodgy buns and spicy crisps but a charge of $10 to view them saw us back on the bus for the afternoon session.

Batting is still the hardest skill for the teachers to pick up but within minutes they had the grip and stance nailed so front foot drive and the pull shot followed with everyone achieving success, particularly the ladies who try twice as hard as the men to achieve success. We always finish with a game so we availed ourselves of the artificial and challenged the teachers to a game. A close finish saw Darren run out Yusuf with the scores level so an honourable draw.

A downside of the day was the bus running over Neil and Martin’s bag breaking phones, cameras and MP3 player when taking Phil to town to find the ever elusive internet to upload the blog. Moral of the story, don’t leave your bags under the wheels of a bus.

Off to a local eatery now chosen by Phil so we can all blame him if the foods iffy.