Well – we were glad to get to our first hotel in Masaka. We’d set off from our homes in the UK early in the afternoon on Sunday – and we didn’t arrive until after 8pm on Monday evening.

The real work starts tomorrow – when we get to work with local coaches and children. But we’re happy to say that we managed to get all of our bags of kit through.

Higlights of the day in pictures….

Darren tucking in to a “Humburger” breakfast in Addis Ababa – as we did a transit through Ethiopia

Our arrival party at Entebbe airport included a cockroach – first bug of many!

The team were grateful to have got all of our bags of kit through the various transfers. We’ve just found our transport for the next 15 days (funky!)

Our Guide, Yusuf, was delighted with the gift of a West Bromwich Albion shirt from CWB Administrator Hannah Weaver. She was on the last trip to Uganda.

Richard Davies mets up with CWB contact- the Uganda Cricket Association’s development manager John Trust

Darren Bicknell meets some locals as he inspects the National Cricket Stadium – the Lugogo Oval – (and its scoreboard) in Kampala

Making our way through the bustling streets of Kampala on the last leg of our journey to Masaka

Our journey takes us over the Equator (another chance for a group shot) – promise we will do some work tomorrow

Our first wildlife – a camel! Have we arrived in the right country?

Local fishermen (those few that have cars) have a novel way of transporting their catch.