The Last Festival and a really Good Friday

We woke up to slightly overcast conditions and the threat of imminent rain. Nevertheless a hearty breakfast feast was enjoyed, courtesy of Ineke and co, including freshly made hot cross buns and the rest of the team’s favourite – banana pancakes. Once all our gear was loaded onto the bus one final time we headed to the, now familiar, Nyakasura ground for the festival. We had advance info that the local NGO had arrived to carry out testing so set out with great optimism that the rain would hold off and the festival would take place

As we arrived the rain began to fall steadily but the Nyakasura Girls’ Team were already warming up for their regional qualifiers. The CWB team were in full festival spirit thanks to my collection of Nat West Blast funky headbands (and an Aussie version for Kris); however they were soon gifted to the girls, along with TShirts and Lanyards collected throughout last season’s Blast.


Richard humorously commented, Richie Benaud style, that ‘the rain has started falling…. just a little bit heavier’ (it was now pouring down)

Eventually the rain eased and 4 teams arrived at the ground- 3 primary schools who played a round Robin tournament and enough young women from Kyabambe High to make 2 teams who played each other in a heated and close fought battle.

Meanwhile HIV testing was going on inside Nyakasura Primary School – all of those tested being negative ??

On the other side of the pitch Senior girls teams were gathering for the regional qualifiers to go through to the National Championship. This gave the girls the opportunity to put their newly learned cricket skills into action.

As we boarded the bus leaving our final festival behind the competition was about to start. As dark clouds lifted around the ground, a grey one blew over me. I speak for the team here- we’d have loved to have stayed and watched the teams play, but instead embarked on our 7 hour drive to Entebbe and beyond, to home, via Nairobi, Heathrow and Victoria for the coach back to a very chilly Leeds.

Good to be heading back to all I’ve missed – leaving (another) little piece of my heart behind on Uganda ????? a brilliant and successful trip with some fantastic people- at times challenging – but so, so rewarding. The ABCT chant ringing in my ears, a reminder of the brilliant work Cricket Without Boundaries does.

Thanks folks it’s been a blast

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