Kyebambe Secondary girls

What turned out to be our last school coaching, due to inclement weather, proved to be an absolute gem. The school was well resourced with a large new airy chapel, basketball court and flat grass playing area. The girls, who had played cricket before, were a delightful group, motivated, enthusiastic and with no little skill. Having enjoyed catching, throwing , bowling and batting sessions the girls were very competitive in the rapid fire games. After the semi finals the final went to the wire and honours were even with an 86 – 86 tie , so everyone , including the coaches were winners.

A very poised girl, a very confident leader, spoke on behalf of her friends to thank us for coming to their school. The emotional highlight however, came when all the girls sang their school song beautifully to us. The lyrics included: “Mothers, daughters, women everywhere, Stand up and embrace your old school days, We are the mothers of the nation”

The self assured and ambitious nature of the girls was striking and impressive. Positive messages all over the school reinforced values that the students displayed all with a keen sense of humour and good natured fun often at our expense!

With the afternoon washed out the group was able to visit. Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation and spend time with the children and young adults. Everyone had great fun, playing games, introducing themselves and showing us the centres vocational programmes where they learn skills to equip them for work. You couldn’t help but be taken by the smiles and spirit on show – these trips away from the cricket programme have been one of the emotional highlights of the tour.

Bill, Bob, Bat, Clare, Richard

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