Turn right at the equator

…..and you’ll soon come to Kasese, a dusty frontier style town, built on copper & cobalt mining.

Day5’s coaching was up the mining valley to Kilembe, past the still evident devastation of landslides 3 years ago.

On a flat grassy arena teachers from local schools arrived, many walking over an hour up the hill, for a hot morning coaching and learning with Chris & Bill.

Innocent, Margaret, Johnson, Martha, Teddy and all the 10 others took part enthusiastically, showing some skill or little skill, but a great willingness to learn. As always, when adults are asked to play silly games, we all become kids again, so there were a lot of screams & giggles as we played “Heads, shoulders, knees & toes..”

We returned to serious mode when discussing links between cricket and the ABCT message; everyone paid close attention to these links.

Chris led most sessions, and this old coach was happy to learn new approaches from him, just as much as teachers were.

Skills drills were good Finn, with teachers asking questions and practicing enthusiastically. Some could hit a ball hard, some could bowl well; most displayed natural abilities which were mirrored in the children they taught.

Several pupils were asked along to the session; they helped greatly by showing their all round skills, and by running around energetically to collect the balls their teachers had hit!

At the end of the afternoon, after an extra short session on running and bowling, teachers wearing their “Bowling AIDS out of Uganda “ announced they had learned a lot, but Innocent added “ I’ve learned that the most difficult cricket skill is bowing!”

Bill Glen

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