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I am 66 years old (groan) and I retired from teaching four years ago; I taught Geography, PE, Citizenship, naughty children and fantastic children in a great school in North Cornwall. I’m married and have three grown up daughters and two grandsons.

I have been involved in cricket for over 40 years; I still play occasionally, I coach, I cut grass, and I’m secretary and Juniors co-ordinator at my club, Launceston CC. I was honoured to receive an ECB Coaching Outstanding Contribution Award in 2016.

I found out about CWB from the internet, and have spoken to two former volunteers, one of who turned up as a coach on our training weekend! They and the training team have inspired me. I’m really looking forward to working with a great team in Uganda, to coaching and talking with children with such a different life experience to the children I have been used to.

I hope I can bring some coaching experience and a happy approach to our team, and I look forward to admiring the energy everyone else will bring too, although I wonder if my energy levels will be able to keep up?

I look forward to finding out plenty about Uganda, enjoying the country and the people…….and I hope to see plenty of wildlife on our day off….


My name is Lionel Tannock. I am employed as a Corrections Officer with the Bermuda Government. In my spare time, I play cricket with an evening league. I am a qualified England Cricket Board Level Two Coach and Umpire. From 2004 – 2014, I was Team Manager for the Bermuda Senior National Cricket Team. Today, I enjoy every opportunity I can have to work with coaching young cricketers of the Pee Wee Cricket teams of Bermuda as well as closely follow or enjoy a good game of cricket.

My first Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB) encounter was meeting Andy Hobbs, the Group Leader in Kenya in 2007. It was an awesome experience and an eye-opener to appreciate and to understand the work of the CWB organization. It is note-worthy to see the on-going success of CWB. I think this is a blessing and a testament of CWB’s excellent work.

My wish is that I can share my cricketing knowledge, skills and passion and help improve lives through the sport of cricket in rural and under-developed areas. I look forward to participating in CWB Uganda 201


Sarajane or SJ to most!
This is my third trip to Uganda and this time as one of the joint project leaders with the lovely Clare.
Another opportunity to work with a great group of people raising awareness of HIV/AIDS through the greatest game on Earth could not be passed by – I can’t wait to meet the fantastic teachers and children makes this one of the best volunteering opportunities open to a cricket enthusiast like me!
Volunteering with CWB allows me to indulge my three passions (in no particular order), cricket, Africa and young people developing their potential.
Although I have very little in the way of cricketing skills, I was encouraged to take the ECB Coach Support Worker course and I now work with the girls at the club where I have been a member for many years.
I’m looking forward to the smiles, enthusiasm and energy I know we will be exposed to for the whole time we ar Clare Sanderson



Clare, 47, from Leeds. I’m a Pathway Manager for a Supported Housing Consortium. A cricket lover and Yorkshire CCC fan – never played since being a kid.

This is my 2nd trip to Uganda with CWB. I was there in spring last year so I kinda know what I’m letting myself in for. (?) As joint PL I’m hoping to use my skills and experience to ensure we are a great team and get the most out of the trip for the team, the kids and tutors, and the charity. That said I know every day will be a fab, new experience and am thrilled to be a part of it again.
I’m looking forward to the joy and hope: and to feeling I’ve made just a little bit of difference. Awooga ??


A terrible cricketer with a love for the game and a passion for making a difference.

At the ripe old age of 29 I decided it would be the right time for me to do something which really makes a difference and around that time I stumbled across Cricket Without Boundaries. This project is giving me the opportunity to really do something great, whilst combining it with a passion in my life, cricket.

Im excited about this trip as it’s a chance to really escape from my comfort zone, to have some fantastic experiences and work alongside a great team of like minded people. What more could people want?


Nickname: In school, T but otherwise known as Tambo

I’ve always loved sport but due to cultural barriers, I never played competitively. I then hit an ‘ON’ switch and at 24 years old, I randomly decided to play cricket properly and co-founded a ladies cricket team in my hometown, Maidenhead and I haven’t looked back since! Having been involved heavily for the last 5 years (despite not being a coach nor very good!), now seems like the perfect time to take what I’ve learnt across the world to teach and hopefully inspire those who often don’t get the chance to play the sport.

I’m a strong advocate for gender equality so to learn that CWB won’t run projects without girls being involved is immensely inspiring and being able to do something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid and combine it with something I love, was a no-brainer to join up with CWB.

Using cricket as a tool to educate will not only give these children some fun back into their lives, as every child should have but the awareness of how to stay safe against AIDS/HIV and FGM whilst promoting cohesion and inclusivity.

For me, a quote from a man I am greatly inspired from, Nelson Mandela stands out:

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair”


I am a full time cricket coach and work with a variety of Hertfordshire clubs, schools and rep teams. My wife works in the humanitarian aid sector and together we are very committed to dedicating a large part of our lives to volunteering and working within this field.

I have a keen interest in the political and cultural histories of the countries CWB run projects in. I am very much looking forward to assisting CWB in their objectives and being part of the team on the ground in Uganda.



Hertfordshire based, but a lifelong WCCC supporter. Play cricket for Ivanhoe CC, The Forty Club and, from 2018, for Hertfordshire Over…..

Cricket heroes: Glenn Turner, Graeme Hick, Basil d’Oliveira

Enjoying a long awaited “GAP” year I can finally get involved in projects outside of term time. With 38 years of teaching Geography and leading school trips, many years coaching cricket and hockey, nearly 44 years of playing cricket, and a love of both travel and photography, CWB seems an ideal opportunity for me. Despite all this experience I know I will be out of my comfort zone when hundreds of excited girls and boys arrive for each session!

Particular skills/interests I hope to contribute to the team include, taking photographs during sessions, running the finances on a day to day basis, being adaptable and organised, but above all by having a sense of humour that enables me to see the funny side of most things. Most importantly though I look forward to being part of a team coaching and spreading important health messages, whilst having fun…. all the best lessons are out of the classroom!


Richard is joining his first Cricket Without Boundaries project following his wife’s suggestion to apply to the charity. Whether this was for his benefit or to get him out of the house for 2 weeks is unclear, but he’s now very much looking forward to the challenge!
A keen cricket enthusiast and lapsed player (medium pace left arm / tailend bat!) he aims to bring the enjoyment he experienced through the game as a boy to the children engaged in the project .

Richard lives in St Albans with his wife and 2 young sons and when not working he manages a local youth football team, watches Arsenal FC (through his fingers) and relishes a curry. A big Neil Diamond fan – Keep him away from the Karaoke unless you want to hear a lot of “Sweeeeeett Caroline”

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