Me and M&E

By Sarajane Marchant

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is undertaken on every project, and consists of random sampling children from every school touched by a CWB project. Three children are asked a standardised set of questions before the main introduction and after each session is completed. When one or two schools are involved, the process is relatively straightforward… not withstanding the language difficulties and that some are naturally reserved….. However, festival day is quite another matter! It’s all hands to the pumps – huddles of adults (clipboard in hand) and children appear all over the field. This will be the second time that the school will have been sampled during the same project, allowing the sample comparison. Unfortunately, our first festival in Masaka was washed out, so the second set of M & E was not possible. Masindi allowed us to resample 11 schools and provides a good opportunity for comparison. Weather & time issues in Entebbe also curtailed the M & E opportunities for this part of the project. Although challenging, it is an opportunity to talk to the children on an individual basis. Most on this project were of primary age, but their understanding of both HIV/AIDS prevention and cricket varies wildly. This knowledge will allow CWB to review, amend and validate the delivery methodologies used.


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