Your team for Spring 2017

Meet the team


Who are you: Anthony from Brighton, however a former East Midlander from sunny Leicestershire!

Why have you volunteered: I’d wanted to volunteer for CWB for a number of years for the excellent work it does in Africa, however the timing hadn’t quite worked out and I now can’t wait to get involved.

What are you looking forward to: being totally out my comfort zone and being part of a team and experience you will never forget.

What will you bring to the team: as a bit of a Karl Pilkington when travelling abroad in sure you’ll have plenty to laugh at, unfortunately for me not my terrible chat!

‘I’m volunteering for the Uganda project with Cricket Without Boundaries to be involved with a charity that makes a real difference to people’s lives through HIV/AIDS awareness messaging. As a cricket coach this will take me out of my comfort zone and I’m hoping to gain life perspective that I may otherwise not have the opportunity to get. I’m expecting a hard working trip and to make some new friends along the way!’


Who are you: Clare from Leeds. Mother of 2, proud Nana, YCCC fan and cricket lover

Why have you volunteered: I have pondered this for ages but decided to dive in as am facing possible redundancy next year- so doing this while I’ve got paid annual leave, time n space in my life

What are you looking forward to: playing some cricket… cricket is my passion but not played for years. Also meeting new people, taking on a challenge, seeing more of the world and spreading knowledge n love

What will you bring to the team: Yorkshire wit, humour, organisation, fun, love and peace – also hoping to learn a lot too.

I really feel like I’m #livingthedream

I am volunteering for Cricket Without Boundaries because it ticks all my boxes. Cricket is my passion in life. I have spectated form a young age and travelled the world watching the great game. I haven’t played for years and this is going to give me the opportunity to get bat and ball in hand again. In my career I work with marginalised/ disadvantaged groups and feel that these skills will assist me in the delivery of education to the groups I will be working with in Uganda. What drew me to CWB was the fact that it is a charity run through donations and by volunteers. Nobody is raking in cash and getting rich from this – it is all about the fantastic work the charity do. The passion and commitment that I have seen from the charity is second to none and this inspires me. When I came across CWB on Twitter I started reading up and I knew instantly that this was something that I wanted to do. I feel that this is one of the biggest challenges I have undertaken in a long while. I am hoping to learn new skills, meet new people, share the knowledge and information that I have learned and use my work-related skills to push myself and the rest of the team to achieve brilliant things. As nerves disappear and excitement builds I expect that this adventure is going to open my eyes to new things and is going to be hard work and great fun. I am ready!!


In the mean time for everyone….

Who are you?:  Greg 31 from London

Why have you volunteered?: This will be my 8th trip and I just can’t get enough of it. This will be my first trip to Uganda with CWB.

What are you looking forward to?: Meeting all of you obviously and seeing what stories we can make during our amazing project.

What will you bring to the team?: An array of tunes to lift the spirits on those tired mornings.

I keep coming back to CWB quite simply because there is nothing in the world that matches it. It’s an experience that invigorates and motivates me like nothing else.


Who are you?:  Sarajane or SJ from Hertford 

Why have you volunteered?: This is my second trip and a return to Uganda – I love cricket, empowering young people to fulfill their potential and Africa. My paid employment is so that I have the means to volunteer – one day I will win the lottery 

What are you looking forward to?: Making new friends and catching up with old ones, feeling the enthusiasm and joy that the children (and their teachers) bring to each session – and a beer (or three) at the end of a long, rewarding day!

What will you bring to the team?: 120 used tennis ball, music on a USB stick so it can be playd in the bus. Little skill but bags of enthusiasm!

Volunteering with CWB allows me to indulge my three passions (in no particular order), cricket, Africa and young people developing their potential.

I also volunteer with the air cadets and the local wildlife trust; my day job pays for my enthusiasms but does tend to get in the way!

Although I have very little in the way of cricketing skills, I was encouraged by last year’s experience to take the ECB  Coach Support Worker course and I now work with the girls at the club where I have been a member for many years.

I’m looking forward to the smiles, enthusiasm and energy I know we will be exposed to for the whole time we are there. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of Uganda; what I have seen so far is stunningly beautiful.


Who are you: Isaac from Bedfordshire. Currently on a gap year which is surprisingly empty without cricket to be playing…turns out I’m a very average golfer…

Why are you volunteering: I’ve loved cricket since the 2005 Ashes and have been a loyal club cricketer since. And after playing alongside some loyal CWB volunteers and hearing their stories I couldn’t say no to a trip this year.

What are you looking forward to: going to Africa for the first time and teaching cricket to hundreds of children at a time!! Still can’t quite imagine what that will be like! And I’d be lying if I didn’t say the sun is tempting too…

What will you bring to the team: hopefully some form of youthful enthusiasm and curiosity. I’m afraid I’m lacking in the music department too, perhaps I should learn a few impressions…

I’m a student currently trying to make the most of my gap year. Having played cricket alongside Carl Ferguson at my local club, Flitwick CC, it became obvious the year would not be complete without a CWB Project. I’m a keen cricketer but an inexperienced coach, so I’m hoping my coaching skills will develop throughout the fortnight. But more importantly I can’t wait to make a difference to children who are uneducated about both sexual health and cricket – both very important pieces of education to spread as far as possible! It’s an opportunity to make a real difference in these people’s lives and I cannot wait to get started!


Who are you?: Clive Hawthorn. I currently live either in Brighton or Northampton depending on which day of the week you ask me.

Why have you volunteered?: This will be my third trip with CWB having previously visited Kenya and Cameroon. I believe the work that CWB do in Africa to be incredibly valuable; even if we just change the course of one young person’s life then that is more than enough to make this worthwhile.

What are you looking forward to?: I find interacting with the children to be a totally uplifting, if somewhat knackering, experience. That said after a long hot day of coaching I will be looking forward to a few cold drinks in the evening.

What will you bring to the team?: On the form of the last couple of trips I will give other team members a chance to practice their first aid skills. Failing that, a mine of truly useless information and the inclination to never take one photograph when forty-seven will suffice.


I am a life long cricket lover.  I returned to playing 10 years ago and started coaching 5 years ago. The coaching has only cemented my love of the game and the way it can bring a wide range of people together. I love to see the smiles on children’s faces when they are enjoying playing cricket or when they get a wicket, score their first ever run or take their first ever catch.
I currently coach a couple of girls u13 teams and am looking forward to being out of my comfort zone and to the challenge of coaching both girls and boys, the different ages, ability and just the numbers involved.
Really hope I can get just even one child to get as much enjoyment out of cricket as I have and to help spread the HIV and Aids messages.

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