Day 9- African Princess

Day 9
The day started with breakfast as usual – bananas, pineapple, eggs and toast. Simon was sausage -less for the third morning in a row for good reason. Up, ready and raring to go for our longest day of the trip. Joseph stood at the bus – ready to go -greeting us with his happy jovial manor. Hi ho hi ho…. It’s off to work we go.

Good sessions all round in the morning, split into three teams with the appointed team leaders being Olly, Mark and Grant. Over at Arua hill, our skill sessions went down well with new batting techniques being learnt with children being allowed to hit the ball all over the park. The standard of both the games led by team one were excellent, all teachers and staff are keen to win tomorrow’s festival. As the sessions went on our ABC’s messages massively improved.

After a slight communication problem over lunch having gone to an ‘internet cafe’ not chicken and chips eatery. The not so prompt lunch arrived 1.30hours late. Another well organised afternoon, split into two teams. Lesley and Colin led the cricket match for team one whilst Lizzie held a children’s entertainment club for the hundreds of spectators. Despite the heat all the coaches made an admiral effort in the last and final session of the day- all credit to Grace and the organising team.

Once back at the hotel Lesley dashed off to pick up her new fabulous dress custom made by a local seamstress. Queen Latifa soon returned looking like an African Princess.

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  1. Hello team Uganda, I am really enjoying reading your blogs and think you are all rather amazing and doing something for the kids there which may stay with them a lifetime.

    I am glad to hear that you have recognised Queen Latifah within your midst and have become familiarised with her cry of "catch it" and perhaps heard her squeaky voice after a few beers at the end of a days coaching.

    Keep up the hot dusty fantastic work !

    Beware of chickens driving motorbikes.

    Sarah the Duffy

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