Superstar project leader John 'Foxy' Morton brings proceedings in Uganda to a close (almost) with his wrap-up of the two weeks…

Most people, Project Leaders over the years excepted, may not be able to appreciate the sentiment, but the last day has seen my greatest relief – I actually managed to get the last two million Ugandan shillings from the ATM that I needed to pay the bills – Joseph and others will be pleased!

So we come to the end of another tremendous Cricket Without Boundaries project in Uganda and those who have followed the blog, for which we all thank you, will have got a feel for what a pleasure and invigorating experience it has been.

Time seems to have accelerated as we have gone through the programme, I guess that’s a sign of the team building its dynamics and feeling more comfortable with the conditions, the people and the reasons we are here.

It has been fantastic to see the team grow in confidence, ability and skill in presenting HIV/AIDS awareness and cricket to not only the teachers and to the children but also to many other people we have met such as charity workers, the press and other local inhabitants – we have certainly had our presence felt.


A child saying ‘thank you’ – visually impaired cricketers – the response to our ABC messages – ‘Army Stopped Play’ – ideas for the future – ridiculously funny comments by team members – Joseph’s driving skills – a beer after a hard day – a working ATM – Yousuf & Grace – a hug and a ‘please come back’ from a maths teacher – cold showers – Imodium working – 150 children arriving unexpectedly – lizards – a teacher learning to score – non-cricketing team members running a session – a photo with a little boy who lost both his parents to the LRA ………… and there are many more I could have listed, are all the highlights for me of 2 weeks with CWB in Uganda and are what make it all worthwhile and what make me want to return to this beautiful country again.

But there is only one winner in the special moment category for this Project Leader and that has to be my friend Maria who was blogged about earlier. Maria lost a leg but remains a skilled and competitive cricketer and a match for anyone. Having been fortunate enough to see athletes at this year’s Paralympics I know what this young lady could achieve and what an inspiration she has been and will be in the future – I wish her every good fortune.

So to close I would just like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone – to CWB for making it all possible, to my team for making the project such an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, to JT and all at UCA, to all my supporters who helped me raise such a lovely chunk of cash, of course to my wife Jenny for letting me come but mostly to the schools, teachers and children that we have worked with over the past two weeks.

Off to the airport tomorrow then, just another 6 hours with Joseph, some sleep and the early flight on Sunday – cheerio from all the Autumn 2012 Uganda Team and thanks for reading.

A final thought, hardly Confucius but a sample of our banter – “Would anyone like some of this local delicacy?”  (referring to his portion åof fried bananas) Reply “Local delicacy …..? You get them in Asda in Huddersfield, and it’s not even in the World Food section!!”