"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we've been waiting for.  We are the change we seek." –  Barrack Obama.


Team Uganda style icon, surprisingly nippy pace bowler and deliverer of high-fives, Nadeem Ahmed, outlines day ten. The day, somewhat spectacularly, when soldiers stopped play for CWB….



I have been in Uganda for ten days now and we began the last leg of our coaching this morning.  

The long coach journey from Arua to Lira provided me ample time to further reflect on this adventure.  I took in the beautiful countryside, hills, mountains, from the front of coach, alongside Joseph, our driver, and away from the Chuckle Brothers (JB and Mr Morton).  I clicked away on my camera, waved at the children, and entertained the team with music from the IPod.  


No one threw anything at me, so that was all right then!


Lira has a population of approximately 108,000.  The majority are Langies and speak Lango.  My first impression of the city is that it appears to be much more developed, with a bit of hustle and bustle.  As with everywhere else in Uganda, the people appear friendly, approachable and the children keen to show of their English and communicate with us.  I can only imagine what they make of us with our accents!


Our destination this morning was a local park within 5 minutes drive from our base at Lira hotel.  We duly arrived  to find the local police force practicing for their parade.  Uganda celebrates its 50th year of independence next week.  The chief training officer marched over, welcomed us to his district, cracked a few jokes  and then requested we didn't start our training until noon, because he didn't want any of the officers to be distracted! 


James and Grayce, adopted CWB's motto of adaptability to full effect and we drove off to another nearby park. The teachers  followed soon after in their motorbikes and bicycles and we were able to put them through their paces. It was a particularly hot day and I for one was no longer farting with confidence!  There were a few corridors of uncertainty that were successfully negotiated, primarily due to the proximity of the field and our hotel!


Further adaptability is planned for the next two days and all will be revealed in due course.


All in all, a great organisation to volunteer for, bring your A game, join in, embrace everything, accept it all for everything it is.  We all sleep under the same sun, just walk a different path when we wake up. That all. Oh but for the grace of god, go I.


And, many thanks to those who sponsored me!