Lee, CWB Media & Comms man with a delayed due to travel issues blog of Day 8 from the Uganda project:
With today being a scheduled rest day it was time for the team to recharge the batteries and sort out the more mundane things in life such as laundry and changing money. Efforts were also made to visit a couple of local orphanages but sadly these proved impossible. While this does limit creating an interesting story of the day it does provide an ideal time for some reflection on the project so far.
It is only out of the madness that is a normal day out here that you stop and realise what an incredible project this is even when compared to all of the other trips that CWB undertake. Having been lucky enough to travel out here 3 months ago on a project supported by CWB and the ICC I witnessed first hand the fact that cricket in this region was a completely alien concept so to witness yesterday 8 schools competing in a proper Kwik cricket festival was an awe inspiring site. 
The Ugandan Cricket Association have high hopes for producing future talent out of the region as they told me most of the countries top sports stars are from the North as the people there are much more competitive, my own short exposure only confirms this. After rattling around for hours and hours on the bus between places you get a sense of the huge untapped potential. To have played even a small part in hopefully getting cricket started there with all the social implications that sport can bring to communities is a real honour and one in which I am extremely proud. We must do everything we can as a charity to ensure that this is a success as the people we have met along the way undoubtedly deserve this and much much more.
What is often overlooked on these trips is the impact that it has on the volunteers, the obvious being the full on experience of coaching out in Africa and all that goes with it. But again it has been a real pleasure to meet a group of people who I will consider friends for life, and the joy of watching first time volunteers, some of whom have never coached cricket in their lives blossom within a day or two of being on the trip to run sessions on their own is a credit to them and also to the training given by the CWB team responsible.
And so it is with great sadness that I now leave behind all of my new chums as they make their way East to Lira the final town on the trip but also with great expectations as I travel to Rwanda to join up with the CWB team already out and about in Kigali.

The day off provided a bit of downtime, including these wonderful drawings by some of the children in the village next to the hotel