Uganda Autumn 2012

Uganda Autumn 2012

This September volunteers from CWB will be once again travelling to Northern Uganda to coach and develop cricket with key AIDS awareness messages. You can follow their progress here on this blog.
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Day 13 - Entebbe. The final chapter.

Day 13 – Entebbe. The final chapter.

  Never one to relinquish control of the last word, CWB first time volunteer Mat Danks looks back at Team Uganda’s two-week stay in northern Uganda – the first time the charity has visited this part of the country – as the team prepare to return to the UK….. In just a few days Uganda...
Day 12 - Lira

Day 12 – Lira

Superstar project leader John 'Foxy' Morton brings proceedings in Uganda to a close (almost) with his wrap-up of the two weeks… Most people, Project Leaders over the years excepted, may not be able to appreciate the sentiment, but the last day has seen my greatest relief – I actually managed to get the last two...
Day 12 – Special Blog: Lango College

Day 12 – Special Blog: Lango College

CWB volunteer Mat Danks takes a step to one side to look closely at the group's visit to Lango College earlier today….   Team leader John Morton will be along in just a short while with the ‘proper’ day 12 blog, but just felt compelled to put pen to paper about our morning at Lango...
Day 11 - Lira

Day 11 – Lira

CWB Team Uganda first-time volunteer John 'JB' Brown outlines an eventful day of coaching and games in Lira and, rather neatly in one gorgeous annecdote, summarises why we're all here in the first place.   After the dramas of yesterday morning when we wisely deferred to the local police chief we had decided to return...
Day 10 - Lira: Police, camera, but no action!

Day 10 – Lira: Police, camera, but no action!

  "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we've been waiting for.  We are the change we seek." –  Barrack Obama.   Team Uganda style icon, surprisingly nippy pace bowler and deliverer of high-fives, Nadeem Ahmed, outlines day ten. The day, somewhat spectacularly,...
Day 9 - Arua to Lira

Day 9 – Arua to Lira

  Another day on the road…. CWB Tutor Coach James Savory reports back on the third of Team Uganda’s lengthy road trips, this time a jaunt to the northern Uganda town of Lira, another stop where until recently cricket was unknown….   Today we left Arua for Lira, another 5-6 hour trip on the minibus....
Day 8 - Arua

Day 8 – Arua

  Lee, CWB Media & Comms man with a delayed due to travel issues blog of Day 8 from the Uganda project:   With today being a scheduled rest day it was time for the team to recharge the batteries and sort out the more mundane things in life such as laundry and changing money....
Day 7 - Arua

Day 7 – Arua

Mat the team media man reflects on the real reason why CWB volunteers are happy to give their time and energy to support the projects in Africa: Amidst the chaos, energy and general carnage of newly-born cricket fans whipping themselves into a frenzy on municipal playing fields, it’s well worth us reminding ourselves of the...
Day 6 - Arua

Day 6 – Arua

CWB first-time volunteer and resident welfare and glamour officer Natasha Bingley tells the inspirational stories that characterised Day Two in Arua: So hard we went this morning in terms of numbers. Paired with the most inspirational, if not completely bonkers, coach The Dream Team was created! As I looked around there were five fantastic coaching...
Day 5 - Arua

Day 5 – Arua

  First day in Arua;tutoring the teachers: I don’t want to break tradition so I will start with a quote: “If E=MC2, where do Jelly Babies come from?” In answer to this question my very clever 2 and a half year old nephew answered, they come out of the box! The children here in Uganda...
Day 4 - Travelling to Arua

Day 4 – Travelling to Arua

Yesterday we said goodbye to Gulu and the Hotel Bomah. Johns final attempt to pass me off as his older brother ended in a dismal failure with our delightful host, Brenda. The speed coaching of the previous day had left the group on a high and the subsequent debrief meeting carried on long into the...
Day 3 - Gulu (The Sir Samuel Baker School)

Day 3 – Gulu (The Sir Samuel Baker School)

CWB first-time volunteer Mat Danks' news radar goes off the scale with a particularly juicy bit of progress from Northern Uganda….. Now, it’s James’ turn on the blog round up tonight and you can read all about the fun and games of today over there. But I stumbled on this little beauty of a story,...