when 9 become 10

Sunday evening saw the arrival of Tracey. A newly appointed Trustee of CWB, Tracey has joined the team for Week 2 to ‘get involved’ and see exactly what happens on a project. So to throw her to the lions on Day 1, she writes today’s blog!

Meeting the team at breakfast Tracey slotted right in. With her she had Lemsip for Ella and chocolate for Sam. Two new friends from the off. Ahead, another great day for the CWB team delivering a cricket festival near Muhanga.

With 4 boys and 4 girls teams from local secondary schools battling it out for trophies the team valiantly faced In turn the beating sun, chilly breezes and giant flying ant-like insects. Challenging! The cricket on display however was probably the best we’ve seen on the trip so far, thanks mainly to the work in Muhanga of Veronique.


Vero coaches with a smile and a song and regularly gets the children dancing and singing to encourage movement and fun and after 4 hours of competition Ella presented the winners trophies to one school, GS Munyinya.

Festival in full swing!

Throughout the course of the morning we were joined by lots of other little people and so juggling, impromptu catching and self-created mini-games proved to be great crowd pleasers.

The whole competition was excellently organised by Veronique and the Rwandan Cricket Association team, and we were also joined by a delegation of cricket coaches from the Congo, who will be with us all week to learn from CWB and the RCA in order to create their own cricket development programme back home.

Our day finished with a sunset walk to a local co-operative craft store, handmade Christmas decorations and gorillas the most popular purchases of the day, the former seemingly apt given the bar we ended up in seemed to be playing Xmas carols!

Conversation amongst the team was eclectic and somehow we got talking about animals and pets and creepy-crawlys and I casually mentioned that my friend owned a skunk to which Joe replied ‘I’ve only ever seen cartoon skunks on the telly … how do they work then?’ Bless him, the Rwandan sun has clearly taken its toll , talking of which Danny is looking decidedly pink ,
Looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures … eat sleep CWB repeat!

Tracey – ball games with the ‘extras’
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