Day 10 – Mzungu’s on Tour

Today is our 10th day into our volunteering and it’s been better than ever. We started the day bright and early as per, except today we had to venture out to find our own breakfast, which surprisingly was a pleasant 15 minute walk to find an idyllic little café. The morning had its only difficulties with myself trying to order a cup of tea, which in Africa doesn’t go down very well… unless you’re a fan of African spiced tea, I wouldn’t recommend ordering tea!

We headed off to our first school and were welcomed with the usual greeting of “mzungu mzungu” followed by many broad white smiles which always puts me in a fabulous mood early in the morning. Getting out the van to set up is always a struggle with millions of kids swarming around and doting on everything you do, it seems like their favourite thing to watch is the application of sun cream.

The session ran as smoothly as we could have hoped for, however I got slightly distracted with a beautiful little girl I was drawn towards, ending with me carrying her around for about half an hour. The most eye opening and proud moment within the sessions for me was when the children got given the opportunity to answer questions on a white board about HIV and how they think it can be prevented.

Today’s session was the first time I saw a group of Rwandan Secondary school children write a whole white board full of prevention methods without being prompted by me or any other volunteer, I felt very proud of the children for how much they knew about key prevention methods that could potentially save their lives. After lunchtime, which of course consisted of a lot of ‘mzungu prices’, we headed to a brilliant school Doctrina that taught O levels and A levels with a very smart school uniform.

On arrival we met the teachers to which I explain that their uniform is very similar to English school which to my surprise made the teacher very happy and impressed. For this session we only had 15 participants which is a record for the smallest group that we have taught within the last two weeks, we started off the session with ‘The quickest game in the world’ and I can tell you now it’s very quick. It was brilliant to see how competitive and involved the kids became once we all joined in. The session was amazing and it seemed like most of us didn’t want to leave.

Today was another eye opening day like every day on this trip for me, with only a couple of days left its making me think… do I want to leave Rwanda?


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