Day 7 – The Interview

As usual our day started at 7:30am, being woken up by the sound of birds singing. After a filling breakfast we arrived at our first school for 9:00am. The children were already heavily focussed in a game of cricket which gave us the perfect opportunity to set up relays without being distracted.

All the children were bowling with great technique which was good to see as it meant they were listening and taking on board the advice and tips we were giving them. The relays were fun, full of energy and competitive as per usual. Being back to 100% after yesterdays stomach issues was great as it allowed me to join in and show the kids the greatest muzungu dance moves ever.

It was only a group of around 50 children so we split them into two smaller groups and played games of cross fire and rapid fire. The kids were so enthusiastic which made it a pleasure to watch. After the first game we gathered them in and used flash card questions to test their knowledge on how HIV can be spread. They got every question right and returned to the game.

We then left the school after coaching for a few hours which is always hard as the children all want hugs and high-fives beforehand.

Due to the early morning finish and our next coaching session not being till late afternoon, we had a  large lunch break. Antonia thought this would be the perfect opportunity for everyone to complete their volunteering job interviews, whereas everyone else had completely different ideas. Everyone went before me, so I managed to have some time to plan my answers. However, when it came down to it I froze and forgot everything I had planned out.

This was slightly embarrassing as it was all on camera. To finish the day off we  visited an orphanage in Kayonza which was a great experience for both us.

We were instantly welcomed by the children as they invited us to play football with them. They were half the size of us and were so much more skilled on the ball, even with flip flops on. We played a few cricket activities with them and ended the session with them all receiving a sweet from Sam’s goody bag, the look of excitement on their faces was priceless.

Our long day was then finished off with a lovely meal at Jambo beach. The food there was incredible but there were mixed reviews on the goat brochettes. Think I will stick to the beef burger next time.


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