Day 6 – ‘Man down’

After a chilled evening at the hotel after we got to Kayonza, we finally put our mosquito nets down and went to sleep. The usual 7:30am get up resulted with a broken Dan who was bed bound for most of the day due to thinking he didn’t need to put sun-cream on his face and then getting heat stroke.

At 9am we arrived at our first school where we were greeted with lots of hugs and high-fives from the nursery children. We then set up our relays ready for the primary school children to take part. The relays were fun again especially as the second one always gets the kids giggling as we do a little dance before throwing the ball.

This then led to four games of rapid fire, the kids engaged very quickly and surprisingly had very strong hits for their age and height.

We then moved to a school which consisted of two sessions, one for the primary and one for the secondary. Again we played rapid fire and also played cross fire. There was a difference in enthusiasm as some of the secondary school children were not fussed about joining in.

I made friends with a little boy who was very interested in our names and learning how to spell them and write them down on paper. This was incredible to watch however it made it more difficult to leave as the children ran after us and all wanted to high-five us before we left – you can’t say no to those cute faces!

Our final school of the day was an all-girls boarding school which was the hardest school I have coached at as most of the girls were too embarrassed to join in. However after to talking to a group of girls it was clear their English was very good and they became more engaged in conversation which involved them telling me what they studied and found most interesting. This was great to listen to as I learnt more about their school life and culture.  

To end the day Eddie drove us to Jambo Beach which had the most amazing view of the sun setting on a lake. Here we were able to take some fantastic photos, these include Sam and Leighton’s wedding, baby and prom photos all in one (album available soon). We plan to head back there tomorrow for dinner which everyone is excited to finally get a burger.

However, tonight’s dinner wasn’t the same as we missed Eddie and Eddie missed his buffet due to being tired. We hope to see him feeling refreshed in the morning!

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