Day 6: Kigali Calls

Quite simply, a fabulous time in Kayonza has come to an end and we must head onward to Kigali. We set off at some ungodly hour to reach the Kicukiro oval for the early start of the Primary schools festival. The oval has changed again so much since the last time I was there, the building work at IPRC is still happening at pace, plus the cricket oval is much bigger now with the removal of some trees from the other side. It begs the question why is so much money being spent on the new ground at Gahanga. To be fair they are 15 months behind on actually breaking ground. The race to completion between RCSF and the conference gherkin here in kigali is most certainly a marathon not a sprint

IMG_4202Anyways back to the festival consisting of St Josephs, Kicukiro, St Espirit, Excella and a personal favourite Ndera. As I looked through the squad of Ndera I saw a recognisable face of “Any game, Any time”. The festival went as smoothly as could be asked even if there were some very British rain breaks during play. Overall Ndera were winners in both the Boys and Girls categories. Amazing to think that their first session of cricket was also my first CWB session 2 years ago.

To wrap up the day we had a lovely trip to FAWE kigali, its always great to go to a FAWE school as they are so inquisitive. I was talking to one young girl called Rachel about what she plans for life, and she was telling me how she wants to train as a doctor and specifically in obstetrics. When I got to the bottom of the story it all stems from a time she was walking near her home and found a woman giving birth in a bush. The younger Rachel couldn’t leave her on her own to go through the traumatic experience and ever since if that situation comes around again she wants to be able to do more.

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  1. I really hope Rachel finds the support she will need to make it to medical school. Lesley Woolf too has extensive medical experience in Libya…

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