Day 2: Rain, Confusion and a reunion

Day 2 of our trip to Kayonza started with a huge downpour. Well actually for us Rwandan Newbies it started with an introduction to what was loosely termed ‘breakfast’. This seemed to entail a rather slow but charming serving of all warm drinks that could be mixed with hot milk and a nice vegetable soup. Followed by egg done 4 ways…. I ordered a Rolex and was surprised when I did not receive a chunky watch..

The rain scuppered our plans a bit so some meetings/discussions/phone calls ensued and Lee and Jackson came up with a plan (??) to start the day when the rain stopped. When I say plan….

The team split and Greg, Jonathan, Eric (a Rwandan coach best described as Tall) and Ben went to Victorius School and myself, Jackson, Richard and Lee went to Brightlights school. Greg’s gang had an ever increasing number of children and ended up with about 180 children.

I really enjoyed this morning session as it was great to get ‘going’ on some coaching and I had a fantastic teacher coach, called Hope, who bossed it from the start. The kids were great, she was great and the morning for me was excellent.

The team met for lunch which was mainly samosa based and retured for a short break to the hotel. I can only say that ‘after some confusion/discussion/conversations/bus trips the plan(??)  for the afternoon was arrived at’.

We were to split and so Greg, Jonathan, Richard, Jackson went to Gahali Victorius School and myself, Lee, Eric and Ben went to Kayonza Vocational School. Again Greg’s team had the larger number of children, over 100 and our team had a smaller group.

Again a great experience for me as the group we had were older, their English was not so good, and they did not  have much knowledge of the A,B, C , T messages. We had a great game of Rapid Fire and got across the CWB messages.

We then all met to go back to Fawe Girls School, a school set in the most beautiful location. Its on top of a hill with 360% views of the surrounding green hills. Stunning setting and the girls and teachers were just as great as the views.

130 girls learnt cricket skills and heard the A, B, C, T messages. It was  a great end to a great day. We even managed to get some dancing in….. that to be continued, I feel! We were also joined by Laundry (that can’t be his real name) who shared the catching coaching with me. He translated and gave very strong A, B, C, T message.

Even our dinner came on time, well except Richard who had some time to kill before his ‘breaded fish’ turned up.

However a tired but happy CWB gang finished Day Two..

Oh and what of Re-union’s?  Well Greg was re-united with his lost, and now found, bag ….

Happy Days

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  1. Wow, sounds like you are very busy. Hope you are all having a great time, and enjoy all that the trip offers! XX

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