An account of today’s events from Chris Haines…

Today was the last early start for everyone except Rich, Gary and Eric who will be going back to Nyanza for some coach education tomorrow morning. This morning we set off for St Joseph’s School, Gitarama for one of the last coaching sessions of the trip. CWB have visited St Joseph’s before and we found that a few of the kids had some prior cricket experience. We stopped off for a quick lunch of thirty goat brochettes from a local shop and headed off to the second school of the day, Group Scolaire.


The second school used the same field as we had used a couple of days ago and we shared the field with a few football teams who were warming up on the edges of the fields. We found out later that a football match was scheduled to start before we would have finished, and so a quick chat with the football team’s teacher and the novelty of cricket allowed us a few more minutes to make sure the ABC and T message was reinforced with the kids before they headed back to their school.


The journey back to the apartments was somewhat delayed by police checkpoints and slow moving lorries, but we got back about quarter to seven with plenty of time to get ready for some food and drink with the local coaches and Eddie at The Great Wall restaurant.