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E-CWIPD (Empowering Creative Women Initiatives and Programs for Development) is a project inspired and supported by JUMP, the 1st European forum for active women.

The E-CWIPD Africa project is made to equip African active women in their daily lives: private vs professional and has as a principal objective to create a solid women empowering network in Africa through a One-Week event.

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A full day of the event is dedicated to sport and the benefits it can bring to communities, Cricket Without Boundaries were asked to demonstrate cricket and how we incorporate our HIV/AIDS messaging. Alongside cricket were similar sessions on volleyball and swimming.

We were hugely grateful that 16 women from the Rwanda u19s squad that has just returned from a competition in South Africa offered to demonstrate their considerable cricket skills. Our 2 hour session began with a very competitive 8 a side competition with the team captained by Veronique running out eventual winners after the captain herself launched 2 huge sixes in the final over.

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The rest of the session featured more typical CWB style coaching with the women running different coaching stations and passing on their knowledge to the rest of the delegates.

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