Today saw the team take a trip into the unknown as we visited one of the poorer areas of Kigali. It was something of a shock to leave the neat, tarmac roads and descend up into the shanty towns and dirt tracks which surround the Rwandan capital city.

On arrival at Kabusunzu Primary School we had our first experience of Beatle-mania Rwandan style as our mini bus was surrounded by hundreds of excited, smiling faces eager to shake our hands or high five.

To be honest it was a little terrifying as we had been used to disciplined lines of polite children being led out to the playground by their attentive teacher. This was clearly going to be a different.

We were told that we would be teaching over 300 kids in two sessions and after an enthusiastic if slightly awry warm up session, we managed to give all of them a chance to bat, bowl and catch the ball before we were literally mobbed on our return to the bus two hours later.

If one of CWB’s aims is to give these kids a first taste of cricket, then we delivered with the team also being careful to give them our usual messages about the dangers of HIV and AIDS.

After a great morning we made the trip to Kagarama Secondary School and when we arrived it was great to see a number of pupils waiting for us with bats, balls and even thigh pads!

Kagarama was obviously a school that has taken to cricket and led by the impressive figures of Tito and Francis we were able to split the group into two and carry out some more intensive and high level coaching for the senior players.

We were even able to play two 10 over games of pretty high standard, the highlights of which were probably John getting hit in the ‘unmentionables’ (copyright Ravi Shastri) and Jamie scoring his first run in Africa after numerous attempts.

Another ace day and after Richie’s beloved Liverpool won last night, Jamie is hoping for something similar from Chelsea – see you all tomorrow….