Today saw us embark on our longest expedition yet as we set off on a three hour drive south to the city of Butare. Known as the intellectual capital of Rwanda, it is home to the National University which is set in a very attractive campus just outside the city centre. Unforunately when we arrived at their sports ground there seemed to be a spot of confusion about who we were coaching and the Secondary School we were expecting hadn’t turned up.

Luckily a group of lads from the University’s cricket team were practicising already and we were able to begin a far more advanced session which was led by an incredibly enthusiastic Lee – a miracle considering his boggling exploits in the nightclub the previous evening. There was some real talent on show (on the cricket pitch not the dance floor), especially in the bowling department with one bowler(Alan!) comfortably reaching speeds of 70mph.

One thing which really struck me was the condition of the kit the lads were using – ancient bats with chunks missing, keeping gloves held together with tape and just two very old cricket balls. If we can get kit to these boys they can certainly use it.

Another interesting aspect of the day was the backdrop – a large evangelical church gathering took place in the stands of the sports ground just yards from our cricket square. A congregation of about 250 treated us to song after song with the gospel interlude and a cracking version of O Come All Ye Faithful a highlight.

Proof again perhaps that the cricket gods are with us….