Everyday when we return from the Rwandan cricket coaching coalface there is a parallel with the last scene in the classic Second World War film Ice in Cold Alex.

Chilled beers are poured, nothing is said and a sense of satisfaction runs through the team like a cold drop of condensation running down the pint glass. Today was probably the hottest day we have faced yet with the temperature pushing the early eighties but our early morning session at Greenhills Academy was yet again a great way to start the challenge.

Many of the kids we coached have recieved a number of CWB sessions before and it is satisfying to see the HIV mesaages coupled with the coaching skills are beginning to seep into their collective conciousness With Martin, one of our coaches, having to fly home for health reasons, the rest of us had to step up today with Carys, Richie and me (Jamie) all leading our first sessions. Thankfully they all went remarkably well and it was with a buoyed sense of optimism that we all headed up into the hills for our afternoon session at Apredi Ndera.

This was a proper African cricket coaching session – beautiful surroundings, goats runnning across the pitch, lots of enthusisatic street kids fielding the balls and an absolute wealth of raw talent. A number of players stood out for us coaches and it wasa great to see a boy called Stephen execute a straight drive with all the elegance of Raul Dravid. Another lad, Didier excelled with the bat and ball and it was wonderful to talk to the pupils afterwards about their hopes for the building of a first purpose built cricket stadium in Rwanda, their education and their experiences of the devastaion that the HIV virus can bring to their community.

A wonderful day was capped with the arrival of our new team leader, Richard Thurston, but this is coupled with sadness at the departure of the inspirational David Terrace, who has been a brilliant coach and ambassador for everything CWB stands for.

A busy weekend to come with long road trips to south to Butari and north Ruhungeri. The adventure continues….