After setting off in sunny London on Saturday evening we arrived tired, but excited in wet Kigali (via Nairobi and Burundi!). The first hurdle was completed as we managed to get all off the cricket kit through check in without having the ‘CWB’ shuffle of balancing out kit and we arrived safe and sound with all the bags in Kigali. Job done! After successfully changing our cash, the ‘new’ volunteers (and Martin) went to the Genocide Memorial Museaum. Its a hard and emotional thing to do especially on not much sleep, however its vitally important for the volunteers to understand the tramatic recent history of the country and how it has rebuilt itself to the modern African state it is now. The group have returned to the lovely new apartments and tonight sees us join the ‘big dogs’ of the Rwandan Cricket Association (including new head coach Colin Siller) for the traditional welcome curry.