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Rwanda 2010

Day 12 – 12th October – Greenhills – Pefa Orphanage – Kagarame – Nyagunga

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We again had a team at Greenhills first thing in the morning but the fun really started at mid-day when we all met back up together and set off for the Pefa orphanage in Gikondo. Our CWB brief was pretty clear that we were to work with schools to promote cricket and pass on the HIV/AIDS messages and this has been going really well but we as a group were really keen to also get out to some different more challenging places.

The opportunity to visit the Pefa orphanage came about from a chance meeting with an English girl called Amy who is working there as a volunteer. She was really up for us to visit as the kids get very little in terms of activities, especially the boys as most of the volunteers are female.

The orphanage was opened in 1994 after the genocide and is home to around 62 children from the ages of 0-17, on arrival we were greeted by the woman who runs the place and given a tour of the dorms. These were all very tidy if cramped with up to 4 children per room. We then went to a patch of ground lower down where I think we delivered one of our best sessions with around 35 children taking particularly, the kids were all massively up for it and so were the coaches.

It was then straight from the orphanage, to the after school clubs today I was at Nyagunga and the progress there even in the few days it has been since I was last there is dramatic. Stu has now sorted out a girls school team and Tim was working with the boys team, it is hoped that before we leave at the weekend we can stage a full game for these. We are continuing to work with Jimmy the teacher there and a full game would be really good for him to see as well as good for the children.

We then all went to the Executive Carwash to watch England play a 0-0 thriller against Montenegro, The food was excellent with most opting for Goat ribs and chips it was back early however as most were staring down the barrel of a 4 o’clock start to go gorilla trecking.

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