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Rwanda 2010

Day 8 – 8th October – Greenhills – Apade – Kagarame – Nyragunga

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Easier day for me today as it was my first morning off, this worked out well for me as it had been a late night as we had stayed out for a bit as it was Sally’s last night. Left the apartment at about 10 and went with Tim and Sally to the hotel next door where we had a drink and a dip in the pool. Also hanging out at the hotel where the Benin football team who are here to play Rwanda on Saturday in an African Cup of Nations qualifier.

The rest of the group had been at Greenhills in the morning, although Dave had to go into town to sort out the Gorillas trip that we are going on next week. Paying for this is proving much more difficult than it should be with money being transferred all over the place.

Me, Dave and Tim then said our goodbyes to Sally who will be badly missed especially by me and Tim who were lucky enough to have her in our apartment which led to many early morning cups of tea. It was then on to Apade where we were hoping to work with the school team, however as soon as we got there they were leaving to play a match at the KCT. The three of us decided to set up a game on the volleyball court and start play. This quite game soon became much busier when the lunch break arrived this led to hundreds of children on the field which we played catching games and races with. After about 40 minutes the rains came and we had to take shelter. This didn’t stop about 70 children following us so we did some HIV/AIDS messages and then moved on to some singing.

It was then over to Greenhills to pick up the rest, they had also been rain affected and so had resorted to giving a HIV/AIDS talk. We then split as usual into two teams for after school clubs, Kagarame had pretty low numbers for some reason but Nyragunga was back to around 100 kids. Good progress was made and hopefully we are on the way to at least getting a girls team out of them.

Stopped at a supermarket on the way back and even stayed in and cooked such was the energy levels of the group.

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