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Rwanda 2010

Day 5 – 5th October – Greenhills – Apade – Kagarame – Nyragunga

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It looks like during the first week we will be following a fairly set routine, with both Greenhills and Apade schools in the morning, we have managed to get Greenhills to agree to us coaching some primary school kids which is great news as the sooner you can start coaching a child the easier it is.

At Apade we worked with some classes and Tim and Stuart also went up to the KCT oval to do some hard ball work with the Apade school team.

Sally also had a full day at the RCA offices working with them on the development side of the game which is her area of expertise, this sort of work will be critical to the sustainability of cricket in Rwanda and it is good that CWB and the RCA recognise this and don’t just think it’s all about coaching kids in schools.

I then met up with Srinath from the RCA and Sairam who has designed a website for Rwanda Cricket in the local Chinese restaurant, we had a good long discussion about how and why they should use the internet to promote cricket and hopefully I will be in touch with Sairam on my return to England to help out where I can. The rest of the group then joined us for a meal and afterwards we nipped across the road for of all things a game of bingo in the casino there.

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