Thursday dawned with some rain in the air and another few changes of departure time before we eventually boarded the bus at 7.45.  The promised clean laundry was not yet ready so some of the more used CWB kit was adorned yet again by our travelling party which meant that we were a bit more spread out than usual in the bus!

Eric Danga, aka Danger, showing the equality for women sign.

We were joined by the splendidly named ‘Danger’ as our local coach for the day as we ventured some 15k out of Kigali to a primary school. A couple of lively sessions ensued with JS’s ‘And then we have a little dance’ injection into the relay proving as popular as ever.

Our next port of call changed the mood of the party as we visited a Genocide Memorial Church for one of the more harrowing experiences that most of us have encountered. The guide explained the horrors that had occurred on this site in 1994 and we witnessed the open graves, many of the preserved human bones and an array of personal belongings from the victims. It was chilling – but the flame of hope, which burns between April and June each year, serves to re-enforce the amazing job that the people of Rwanda have performed to rebuild their wonderful country.

After a buffet-lunch in which Eddie displayed his amazing ability to stack the maximum amount of food on a single plate (see above), we were off to a Catholic school for the afternoon activities. A well-structured session was going well until a few other classes were finished and kids of all ages infiltrated the games which led to a chaotic end to the proceedings.

We then visited a local market for some souvenir shopping and to sharpen our bantering skills, and decided to invest in some locally made colourful shirts which we were measured for and were assured would be ready for 6.30. That was Rwandan time of course. We waited until 7.30 but left without the latest addition to our respective wardrobes – luckily Freddie was able to collect them later.

A quick visit to a takeaway preceded the long- awaited venture to Happy Hour at the Inema Club, which was advertised to close at 11 but was still pumping out music at 12.30. Some of the more experienced party-people in our group then travelled on to a night club in Kigali, but as we all know – what goes on tour stays on tour……………………………..

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