Another working and moving day, as we started with our last session in Musanze – which was primarily for school children but as usual attracted the local populus. One ageing farmer, splendidly attired in a suit and black wellies, was invited to bat in the rapid- fire game as Gabby reminded us that cricket is a game that everyone can play.

On the way back to the coach Frankie declined to stroke a local cow when he was told he would have to pay for the privilege, and focussed instead on his burgeoning bromance with Freddy.

Then it was into the coach for a quick snack-stop and on the road for the three-hour jaunt to Kigali. Many of the team chose to catch up on their sleep, but JS, our Director of Communications, had mentioned a few times that he was keen to take a specific type of shot which involved setting up his camera in the middle of the road when there was a gap in the traffic. The road from Musanze to Kigali should not be confused with the M25, but it is probably the busiest link road in Rwanda and there were several false starts as we had to scurry to the side of the road as yet another vehicle approached.

Eventually the required picture was taken (although JS was blinking!) in full view of several bemused locals and we continued on our way to the capital. Ed, who had of course been on a previous CWB trip, took on the role of tour guide and advised us to look out for a very impressive ‘round, lighty thing’ in the middle of the city. I don’t think Ed will be working for the Rwandan Tourist Board in the near future.

After a quick check-in at our latest accommodation and a very swift visit to nearby art gallery Inema, we were off to our second session of the day, and first in Kigali, as we re-connected with Eric and joined a training squad that included several of the Rwandan national side. In the lower half of the field we went through our now-familiar routine with over 100 schoolchildren before returning to the Solace Guest House after a tiring day.  A tour around a host of venues awaited us tomorrow as our heads hit their respective pillows.

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