Here comes the rain again!

On Saturday night, there was a stray cat walking around our hotel MEOWING very loud outside of my (Chloe), Abbi’s, Jess’s, and Meg’s room. This made Tyler go around trying to find where the cat was located. During his search he came across a lot of weird statues down the side of Chloe and Abbi’s room which every time someone was told about and went to see caused a big scare! Sarah’s reaction was definitely the funniest!

The biggest downpour of rain occurred when we were all sat enjoying a game of pool! A lot of thunder was heard and some lighting flashes were seen! Everyone hid underneath the cover and waited until it died down until we did a run to our room to collect our jumpers prior to going out.

With today being a sunday we all had a well needed lie in as no schools were available. In the afternoon we visited an all-girl orphanage. This orphanage had around 50 girls living within. As we arrived all the girls ran towards the bus cheering with happiness to see us!

After we did multiple greetings, we entered another room, where we took part in some African dancing, learning some new moves. All the girls were straight to grab all of our hands to make sure we were dancing the way they wanted us too.

We participated in several dance offs in circles, where we once again learned more new moves.

We made sure that we also taught them some of ours, floss, hype and macarena being big favourites.

Safe to say none of our dancing was as impressive as theirs. Tyler’s moves definitely were the best ones within the dance offs and the cheers from the girls showed this.

The pure enjoyment that these girls received from us just being around and dancing and talking with them was heart-warming. This enjoyment was increased when we brought out the balloons and sweets each and every girl was extremely thankful and grateful.

Our phones also provided a lot of fun and everyone just kept asking for photos and videos! Which has resulted in multiple cute photos and videos being created.

Many of the girls were also amazed by our hair, in particular the girls with the longer hair. They spent lots of time restyling with plats etc blond hair being especially interesting.

Before we left we gave out some bouncy balls and some more sweets, all greatly appreciated by each and every girl. The HIV messages were delivered and another girl started singing to us all. We gave our good-byes and lots of cuddles to each and every girl and then left. All feeling very emotional about how loving these girls were!

What a heart-warming day!

Chloe and Abbi

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