It’s Getting Hot in Rwanda

The trip so far has been such an eye opening experience. It is night three of the trip and I am already left with a new perspective of the world. So far we have been to three different schools and have coached seven sessions in total.

I think that when we went to the first primary school we were all filled with nerves, however as soon as the kids came out and we all got stuck in to the session, we all realised how amazing this experience truly is. Some of the kids were running around without shoes, yet the little smiles on their faces and huge enthusiasm and willingness to learn was just incredible.

These kids many who have to deal with the gross injustice of poverty moved my heart with how happy and positive they all were throughout the session. Even though I was a bit clueless the first session (and admittedly the sessions proceeding), I managed to put my skills to good use. In the first school I noticed some kids copying me so I started doing silly movements and suddenly a bunch of the kids started copying me. I proceeded to improvise different silly movements and noises which I think entertained the kids. Today as well I started showing different dance moves to kids which they all seemed to find really funny.

I think one point that we have all enjoyed is the food. Honestly everything I have tried thus far has been better than what we get in the UK. The bananas are absolutely delicious which I attribute to them being locally grown and all the fruit in general is so much more flavourful. Fanta has been a life savour for all of us, the orange Fanta is so refreshing and the perfect treat to have after coaching in the scorching hot sun. Today’s sessions were done in temperatures that felt around 30 odd degrees, which was a very hard challenge to overcome. However I have learnt my lesson and for all the sessions to come I will be sure to bring plenty of sun-screen as I am already sun-burnt from today’s events.

One thing I’ve also loved is how polite everyone is in Rwanda. People will just come up to you and shake your hand and say hello which is really lovely especially when you are used to how insular people are in the city. So far I have to say that this trip as a whole has been one of the best experiences of my entire life. As someone who has only left Europe once to go to America I had no idea what to expect from Rwanda, and now being here I honestly feel like it is another world over here. I’m so excited for the rest of the trip and to meet so many new and cool people, if I have enjoyed it this much already I feel as if things can only get better and better. To finish off I will say that this whole trip has already had a profound impact on me and I will never forget some of those kids whose positive attitude to life would brighten anyone’s day.   


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