Day 11 – C is for Cond….Chaos

Day 11 started in the same way day 10 ended. Rain, rain and more rain. We set off to the first school; G.S Nkubi, nearly braking the van in the process of getting in through gates! Quick check of the damage and a meeting with the headteacher later and we were directed to a nearby playing field. Drew led the CWB convoy of children shouting the ABCs (totally unaware the head would prefer C for “protection!”) Thankfully we reached a field that resembled much less of a mud pit and was flat! With less time than planned with the 170 primary followed by even more secondary children the team adapted brilliantly to get lots of cricket and HIV myth busting. Dan caused the most drama after ending one session with ABC rapping, featuring Dom (AKA Justin Beiber).

During the morning session we were also joined by two visitors from the University of Rwanda – Michael from the school of Public Health and Anne the head of Physiotherapy. They came to see what CWB sessions are all about and how we deliver the HIV messages through cricket. We are hoping this is the start of CWB and the University of Rwanda working together to evaluate if we are changing children’s knowledge and ultimately behaviour. It was great to show them what we do and have some exciting conversations.

Joseph had managed to squeeze in another school to the afternoons schedule. So lunch was on the go to make it to Ecole Autonome de Butare primary school in time. The school was full of lovely children and we managed lots of cricket and got lots of much needed hugs!

In the afternoon we visited NVP Gatawara. A college with a wonderful Astro turf football pitch to play on, which the coaches made the most of whilst awaiting students. Lindsay top scored with an impressive 10 off 2 from Oli! Slowly more and more arrived but they seemed a bit moody teenagerish and less keen to play cricket. After a rousing intro from Oli and some great sessions from the team we had won almost all of them over. The school had a number of children with disabilities, including two students in wheelchairs, many who were deaf and others with physical impairments. All of them were involved in the session showing cricket really is for everyone.

Back to the ranch for a patio party and some questionable music choices.

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