Day 10 – T is for Talent too

The 2 morning sessions, consisting of primary and secondary, at GS Butare Catholique were full of familiar faces since many of the orphans we visited yesterday went to school here. Thanks to the work of our passionate ambassador Joseph, cricket has already been coached in many schools in the region of Huye for about 6 months. It was clear to see that this school had some talented cricketers that could perhaps one day play for the national team. They also knew the ABCT messages very well showing the work that we are doing in Rwanda is definitely worth it.
After lunch, we made our way to GS New Vision Primary before it started pishing it down (and Scottish for raining), leaving us in the coach thinking of a way to get a session done. The conditions works not allow for a proper cricket session however, but we decided to get out and have some fun in the rain, while taking half of the kids into the classrooms for important conversations about HIV and AIDS.
In the afternoon, JV, Ollie and I visited the Rwandan ethnographic Museum while the rest of the group visited the much hyped 3 storey shopping mall which gave everyone images of Westfields. A disappointed Drew wanted to head straight to the bar which seemed like a sound decision.
Dom Johnsen.
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  1. Chandra Chakraborty
    March 7, 2018

    Well done guys, very impressive work. I wish I was there with you all.

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