Day 6 – #zerodiscrimination

1st March is International Zero Discrimination Day so this was going to be the focus of our chats with the kids today.

Discrimination is often based on misinformation or fear of the unknown. By asking the kids to reflect on people in everyday situations, we will challenge them to recognize where everyday discrimination takes place and to take action to stop it.

There were a few of our team feeling a bit under par today so we knew it would be tough but the usual CWB spirit kicked in and game faces were on.

We started in a school up a very bumpy road, GS Nyange. They were very welcoming and had 4 teachers at the coach education session earlier in the week and were raring to go.

We had two sessions here, primary and secondary – the kids were keen and polite – the usual relay warm ups got them going and we then moved onto individual sessions. The chats we had with them were great. Lots of discussion about how we can reduce stigma in society and who in our community can play cricket. Some interesting answers including referencing refugees, orphans, pregnant women etc. The discussions also brought up an interesting question about homosexuality.

The afternoon was our first visit to a private boarding school. We played a little game and the kids gradually joined in. Within seconds Ollie managed to launch a windball into the boys dorm and then had a massive over-celebration for bowling a bouncer at a non-cricketer. It was a very different vibe to everywhere else we’ve been. The kids were a bit harder to engage with to start. But got more involved and we had some good chats in small groups.

A slightly more subdued day than the rest but our last coaching in Musanze. Tomorrow is festival day.

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