Day 5 – an early start

Day 5 started off much the same as days 1-4 for the team with the exception of two volunteers Oliver and Dom, who decided to awake before sunrise to visit the famous ‘volcanoes national park’, home of the worlds remaining 700 wild silver-back gorillas.

The visit was a brilliant chance to experience rural Rwandan life’s and one which Dom and Ollie thoroughly enjoyed.

After breakfast and a brief chat outlining the plan for the day, the team bundled in to the mini-bus to begin a 15-20 minute drive to Busogo II, standing at an impressive 2100m.

On arrival we received a rockstar welcome being cheered and paraded all the way to the middle of the school field and our equipment carried aloft by exuberant school children.

Clive (our team leader) struck up a very quick relationship with the school head who was brilliant throughout the session, partaking herself in bowling exercise and who even performed a rendition of ‘let’s talk about sex’ with three of the female volunteers (Anna, Louise and Lindsey).

After a successful and enjoyable session the team found a nice spot amidst the lands pastures for a lunchtime picnic. Corn beef sandwiches were on the menu for most the team and a game of catch with local children was also lead by Dom; tennis balls or ‘agapeeras’ were duly left behind.

There was no let up in the afternoon as the 432 children coached in the morning sessions were added to by 343 more in the afternoon.

Severe rain threatened to ruin the second afternoon session, but after a heavy downpour the coaching continued and so to the fun and AIDS/HIV awareness messages.

After the session had finished, volunteer Louise and CWB ambassador Eric helped secure a safe passage from the school, on to the bus and out of the gate for the volunteers with some neat distraction tactics as the Sachin Tendulkar welcome in the morning was matched with an equally hysteric crowd leaving Busogo I, school of excellence.

A trip to a local market was turned down by majority vote after the afternoon sessions as each team member was too exhausted after what felt like the longest day of coaching so far.

Instead, a debrief, shower then nice Italian meal in a local restaurant ensued.

End of day 5.

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