Day 4 – Knowless – it’s not beer it is malt

We started at St. Aloys school. Not knowing how many children to expect they just kept coming and coming! The total official figures were 249 primary and 286 secondary (although we estimated over 300 for each with all the extras who joined in!) Lots of great cricket skills but also a great opportunity to ask children how they can help protect against HIV and talking through how you can and can’t get it. Ollie had the children mesmerised and had some really great conversations. Plus the usual and more unusual (chicken dancing from Anna) chants for “ABC-T”.

This afternoon whilst Clive and Danny talked to the headteacher at GS Karwasa, the rest of us got the kids running around and warmed up. Star performance by Eddie the bus driver who magically got a group of children in a perfect circle for some close catching! The afternoon saw us coach a total of 237 children and busting lots of myths about HIV – even with the older ‘cool kids’.

Todays title comes from the famous Tall Eric (who won’t tell us what this means but apparently it’s funny?!) He’s one of CWBs ambassadors in Rwanda and once again acted as pied piper, single handedly coaching 94 little kids!

We ended with a round of croaky head shoulders knees and toes (with team voices already going) followed by a much better sounding school song!

Another great day with lots of smiles and fist pumps!



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