Meet the team

From Top Left to Bottom Right:

Name – Drew Pryde
Nickname – Drewper
How did you hear about CWB? Through a friend who follows the charity on Facebook.
What are you looking forward to on the trip? The whole African experience and making a difference to childrens lives
What will you bring to the team?
Laughter and encouragement for all

Name – Jon Vocking
My name is Jon (JV) and I am 44 years old married with 3 daughters, currently working in London. I am Chairman of my cricket team Bramley CC, actively still play and I also run our colts division. Cricket has been a huge part of my life ever since I can remember so the idea of incorporating cricket and a charity such as cricket without boundaries was very appealing.

Looking forward to the challenge and getting the message of AIDs prévention over to the kids of Rwanda

Name: Sarah Hatch

Name: Louise Lester
Nickname: Lou
Who are you: I’m a public health Registrar
How did you hear about CWB: Through another public health Registrar who had been working with CWB (see Ryan Rwanda 2017!)
What are you looking forward to on the trip: seeing Rwanda, learning more about cricket, trying out some new evaluation methods and hopefully having some fun!
What will you bring to the team?
I’m going to be testing out some new evaluation tools as part of this visit, and also learning what we could do differently.

Name – Lindsey McLaren
Nickname – Mac (the others I’ve been trying to shake off since uni)
Who are you – I’m from Glasgow originally and now live in London. I’ve recently escaped from the big bad corporate world and can’t wait to do something much more worthwhile. I’d say my cricketing ability is yet to be discovered but I do love all sport and like a challenge! I used to play hockey, have done the odd triathlon, play golf and love a trip to the Alps.
How did you hear about CWB? A friend volunteered a few years back and I always remember how much he got out of it. So when another friend Anna, who’s also on this trip, suggested we go – I thought that was a great plan.
What are you looking forward to on the trip? I’m looking forward to it all but particularly to work with the kids and being able to make a difference to their lives even if its in a very small way. I sense I’m going to learn a lot about myself too and my fellow team mates.
What will you bring to the team? Positivity, enthusiasm and a smile

Name – Dom Johnsen

Name: Dominic Johnsen
Nickname: Dom/DJ

Who are you?: I’m 18 years old having just finished my A-levels and am on a gap year with the intention of going to university to study economics next year.

How did you hear about CWB?: I learnt about CWB through Greg Mackett who is involved with the charity as he was coaching my little brother’s cricket team. My cousin Tom also went to Uganda about a year and a half ago with the charity.

What are you looking forward to on the trip?: I’m looking forward to putting smiles on faces by teaching the great game of cricket.

What will you bring to the team?: I will bring youthful energy to the team and I do have experience coaching cricket at my local club but I realise that it will be a very different style of coaching in Rwanda.

Name- Danny Mines
Nickname- Minesey, Milnes
Who am I? I’m Danny, 23 years of age. Recent graduate in Business and ICT. Massive sportsman, cricket and football mainly both following and playing.
Where did I hear about CWB? About three years ago now, saw them on Twitter in my lunch break and applied straight away, then went on a trip 6 month later!
Looking forward to? Coaching thousands of kids with fun drills while getting across vital messages, while having a fun time.
What will I bring? Enthusiasm and plenty of it. Those who went on my last trip know about my singing and dancing and General character. Looking forward to also bringing my coaching knowledge to the party as I’ll be the cricket tutor on the trip.

Name: Anna Spencer
Nickname? Spanner, Speno, Stutts
Who are you? I was brought up in North Yorkshire and have lived in London for the past 15 years. A career change has led me to working for Kent County Cricket Club over the last year after previously working in TV advertising at Sky and ITV.  I play and coach cricket in the summer, run around on a hockey pitch in the winter and am trying to improve my golf handicap for when I can no longer do the first two.
How did you hear about CWB?
Through a friend, Chris Coleman, who went to Rwanda in 2015.
What are you looking forward to on the trip? Having fun with the kids we coach and trying to make a difference to at least one of their lives.
What will you bring to the team?
Positivity and random games for the times we aren’t coaching.

Name: Clive Hawthorn

Name: Oliver Barnes




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