Celebrate good times

After a nice day off at the safari we were back to a full day of coaching.

The morning consisted of singing, chanting and a bit of cricket for the primary school and secondary school children at Mukaranga. The team had fun managing the groups playing cricket and the 300 extra children who were on their break time and came to have a look and see if they could get there hands on any spare tennis balls (they were successful)! Probably one of best secondary school sessions the team have seen since being in Rwanda with a competitive streak running through every child involved! Becky got taken by 100 children to their classrooms at the end of the session and was given chalk and asked to teach them English on numerous occasions!

After a quick lunch stop we went Gahini PS and whilst we were waiting for the school children to finish class the team set up some relays for the street children, 20 children quickly doubled to 40 as more and more children ran over to join the fun! Mollie met an 11 year old girl who was looking after her younger brothers and sisters and her baby brother! After little convincing Mollie opted to have cuddles with the adorable little dude so his older sister could join in the cricket games with the other children!

We then coached around 60 school children, who did surprisingly well considering the heat! CWB did an impressive job at getting the games underway considering the rather large language barrier!

We finished the day in Victorious Academy which was a lovely school with the most welcoming teachers who were disappointed we were only available for an hour! Stepping back to watch and listen i’d never seen more happy faces and giggles from both of the games that were going on, James and Brad witnessed some impressive celebrations in the competitive game of crossfire! During the games Mollie sat and did monitoring and evaluation with a group of girls, one young girl particularly stood out and was interested in learning about how to stay healthy and understanding the definition of ‘abstain’, she was keen to teach her fellow pupils about our HIV health messages, it was inspiring to see someone so young, so engaged and she will hopefully make a positive impact within her school community with the knowledge she possess.

With only three days left the team are winding down and the boys have clearly had enough of Brads snoring as they ‘accidentally’ locked him out of the room last night after dinner. With only a  few schools left to coach the team are excited to go and watch the women’s cricket tournament that is taking place back in Kigali for the next couple of days!