The power of magnetic tennis balls!

Day 1 has been both exciting and overwhelming, a learning curve for all of us.

Starting at a small school, Meg Foundation, with amazing views, we overcame the language barrier, just about! We were successful at getting lots of cricket skills and health messages across, and of course loads of laughs during the most competitive relay race I’ve ever witnessed!

When coaching at the next school, G. S. Kacyiru, it started off organised (sort of) but halfway through the session the rest of the school came on their break time, and we had a mass of extra children join the fun! This is where we naively found out they will do anything for a tennis ball and it was a struggle to get back on the bus as anyone holding a ball was swarmed by hundreds of children (we will remember to hide them in future!).

After a quick stop for an excellent all-you-can-eat buffet lunch we then headed to IPRC, currently the only cricket ground in Rwanda, to coach students from Kicukiro School. It was clear that the students had played some cricket as this was one of the schools that Eric, CWB’s Ambassador, coaches in regularly. So after a fiercely competitive game of hand hockey as a warmup we split into two games of “proper cricket” and saw some fantastic displays of athleticism and genuine cricket skills. Particularly impressive was one girl demonstrating some seriously quick fast bowling, getting Becky out first ball, with stumps flying everywhere!

Returning to G. S. Kacyiru, this time to work with the secondary school students, we finished the day with a massive game of rapid fire. Whilst meeting a very intelligent 16 year old young lady (who spoke amazing English) and had aspirations of travelling to England to play cricket ‘in a real stadium’. She quickly picked up on how young James looked and asked him ‘when was he going to grow’ as he looked twelve!

Overall a successful first day with lots of important messages across! Mum Fitzgerald would be jealous of the beautiful sunshine!!

Final number of children coached: 351

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  1. Michaela Hewson
    May 27, 2017

    Well done to you all on your first day. 351 kids that is amazing. Keep up the good work.

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