Day 4 – The calm before the storm!

This morning the team travelled to Ngoma Primary school (9 – 11) which had a long playing area however the area wasn’t as wide which caused a bit of a problem but the group adapted very well to deal with the circumstances. The group split up with

Alex + Dan – Batting



Lewis + James- Catching


Andrew + Chris – Bowling


In this session the group were thrown an extremely difficult challenge which they had no knowledge of until they arrived and prepared to start … This challenge was that a group of the pupils at the school were deaf which of course left the group a bit of a dilemma when it came to leading that part of the session.

Alex stated that

“It was extremely rewarding to help some children who had been handed a rough hand in life compared to him”

Which is something the rest of the team all agree on – Another thing the group felt was that after the use of demonstrations the deaf children actually managed to pick the drill up easier than the rest of the participating children.

Quick selfie before leaving the school!

Quick selfie before leaving the school!

In the afternoon the group travelled to Kabutare secondary school where they set up a game of cricket and began to play swapping batsmen when a wicket was taken – they continued this and as pupils of the school arrived on the field of play they let them take up roles in the game such as batsmen and bowler – one of the early arrivals got given the nickname of the ‘Butare express’ by the group due to the speed of his bowling. As the field of play got busier the team split up in order to set up and play other games with the same rules to prevent any of the pitches becoming overcrowded.


After a nice calm day the team were anxiously looking to tomorrow’s schedule of four schools which included the group splitting up and Rob and Mary being on a teacher coaching course – would they be able to cope …

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  1. Went to Ngoma on the Autumn 2014 project, and found that the when the group of deaf children came to my coaching station it was quite surreal to have an oasis of quietness & calmness amid the noise & excitement of the other groups stations, but even more rewarding as they picked up the skills much better than the other groups.

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