Day 12 Nyanza Festival and a return to Kigali

The morning was a scattered one for the team with Lee and Teggy running coach education, myself lazing in the hotel and the rest of the team going to the museum in Butare. As I sat on the hotel balcony I did smirk as an almighty down pour arrived, knowing that the coach education boys were in the middle of a field with absolutely no shelter.


With Lee’s wet clothes drying in the afternoon sun on the top of Eddie’s bus we got the festival going. It was great, with the newly educated coaches from the morning getting into the swing of things and running the festival.


Afterwards we set off for the drive back, with Eddie winding his way through the hills in darkness only lit by the occasional bolt of lightning rumbling around the hills.


Apologies for the very brief report today, bit tired after an eventful night for the team involving mutzig and neat rum


G Mac


1 day to go!

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  1. Philip Newfield
    October 11, 2013


    I have followed CWB Rwanda 2013's excellent blog most days except when we have been away in Scotland and France.

    Wow! What a fantastic job you and your team have done. How you have all managed to cram so much productive activity into the time at your disposal, and also party as much at night (!!), is quite beyond me. It is all absdolutely awesome.

    I feel proud to have donated, and encouraged others to do so, to such a project

    Huge congratulations from Chrissie and me to you and all your team.

    Safe journey home this w/e and see you soon.

    All best wishes from Chrissie and me.








  2. Chris and Helen
    October 11, 2013

    Well said it's been truly inspiring 

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