Day 11 Floodlit cricket comes to Rwanda

Today our team was back to a full quota as those members are getting over their Kigali belly.


Back in Butare in the morning, we were all a little shocked to walk in to a primary school full of Orange and 1 or 2 pink jumpsuits. These were criminals, working within the boundaries of the school building new buildings, whilst young children run around the field. For those who aren’t aware orange is for criminals, pink is for genocide criminals. Scary to think isn’t it, those kids could be within a few feet of someone who murdered their grandparents. The session was a bit chaotic but nothing new with regards to a CWB session.


For the afternoon we were back in Nyanza for the afternoon with a relatively small group of  75 kids plus a dozen street kids. It was quite nice to work with these numbers for a change which meant we could coach to a traditional English template. We however had to end the session 10 minutes short as a storm which had the look of something apocalyptic surrounded us.


The sun went down, the street lights came on, it was time for some street cricket! A set of stumps, bat and ball were place in the hotel car park and a game ensued. I’ll be honest the conditions would have had the ICC light-meter committee having kittens. It was mostly just us playing but we did manage to get one of the hotel barmen to have a bat whilst most of the hotel staff looked on from the balcony or the renamed members pavilion.



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